Are you Running with Purpose ?

With the Triathlon Season closed now here in the UK, most of my athletes are starting to pick up Strength and Conditioning and also run specific programmes.  With PTT athletes targeting the local Norwich 1/2 Marathon for 24th November I have been emphasising the focus to them with the question “Are you running with Purpose?”

This is a key question to any of the 3 disciplines in Triathlon – when you go out the door, dive in the pool, grab your bike or lace up running shoes,  what are you doing in that specific session.  Not only that session but also each length, each km/mile and pedal stroke.

One of my athletes has gone through “marmite” (Love it : Hate it) moments in running for the past 18mths.  Most recently we have started to challenge the run sessions to see what they are capable of running.  Here is a session from today.

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 12.40.30

  • 10-20 minute warm-up
  • 1km @9:05/mile 5:39/km
  • 2km @9:22/mile 5:49/km
  • 1km @9:05/mile 5:39/km
  • 1km @9:05/mile 5:39/km
  • 400m RI between each rep
  • 10 minute cool-down

Red Line – Heart Rate
Blue Line- Speed/Pace
Blue Shading- Pace Zones

“…… the 1st 1k felt good. The 2k was hard work. The next 1k was horrible, felt sick and really would have liked to stop; and the final 1k was just a question of getting it done!! Still, I didn’t realise I could even do 2k at that sort of pace, so that’s pretty cool”

The target times have to be achievable, once you have calculated your pace for certain reps and distances this will give you structure/purpose to your sessions.  If they are realistic and you achieve them great, but not to easily achieve them.  As you see the athlete had initial doubt but then when you are focused on the rep and pace/effort this gives a positive result.

I just wanted to share this observation with you, not just from the athlete example above but there is many more sessions out there that add interest and purpose to your training.  Here’s some other run examples:-

Run Track/Effort Session

2 x 3200m 12:38min (6:21/mile) 400m Rest